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Masterful Month of Wedding Planning



Our Process



Start with a personalized and stress relieving complimentary consultation.

You may be wondering where to start or how you are doing so far. 

Let's talk about it!  Tell us the who, what, where, when, whys about your wedding, and we'll bring the how!



Choose our masterful month of planning package or customize it!

If you'd like us to manage a particular vendor service prior to our Month-of planning role, we've got you covered.  We know you're more than capable, but trading tasks in for time can be pure serenity!  Add up to 4 vendors of your choice to your Month-of package to free yourself up!



YES!  You're a Couture Couple, now get immediate comprehensive consulting. 

We'll be your experts on hand to assist with questions, best practices, and anything quirky in between!  If you've ever put together a product before reading the directions and found you've made a mistake in the middle, you'll understand why this part is important.    We'll be your live wedding manuel to help you avoid missteps that may have otherwise been a little daunting or problematic to undo.  Booking us during your finale?  No worries, we'll thoroughly analyze your plans and help you refine anything necessary.



Countdown! Let's polish your day 6 weeks away!

We'll kick our role into high gear using our proven system to manage your final wedding details and confirmations.  We'll be there to manage your rehearsal and of course orchestrate the flow of your wedding day.  Let's face it, someone will coordinate all this, it's just a matter of who.  We're honored to take the torch and give you this time to enjoy and revel in.  Make those amazing memories with your friends and family, and live in the moments, not the timeline!

Our signature package, just for you